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The Message Of The President

All of our colleagues in our group, our talented, experienced and innovative human resources are the most important treasure of our institution.

Dear Business Partners of ASİMETRİK, Our Precius Friends and Employees;

Our principle of “Quality in Service”, which we have pursued for 35 years as Asimetrik, has brought us the success of being the preferred company. We experienced the happiness of being one of the most admired and respected institutions with the projects we are carrying out at home and abroad. Without leaving this trajectory, we will continue on our way by raising the bar higher and continue our determination to be the most robust, reliable and dynamic in the Professional Sound, Light and Visual Systems sector we focus on in line with our sustainable growth goals.

The growth and welfare of our country has always been a prerequisite and priority in the development of our company. Our belief in the dynamism and future growth of our country gives us hope and motivates us. While planning our new investments in line with these facts, we give importance to our strategies and risk management systems in order to successfully overcome the economic or geopolitical fluctuations brought by our age. Although private sector investments have decreased in developing countries in the world, Asimetrik Ses Işık ve Görümtü Sistemleri A.Ş. As, we have created employment opportunities in our sector by increasing our investments in our 2018 – 2019 business program. We will continue to invest in our country within the framework of our sustainable growth strategies, and we will continue to encourage companies from abroad to invest in our country.

There is no work that cannot be overcome when combined with knowledge and experience; With the creative dynamism of our youth and the guidance of experienced mentors, we will surely go on our route. All of our colleagues at our companies, our talented, experienced and innovative human resources are the most important treasures of our institution.

Our expanding and maturing corporate memory, which includes the decisions taken in our 35 years of company history and the positive or negative results they brought, is a very important value. While we take care to make maximum use of this experience and lessons, we also know that transferring corporate memory to our talented young employees is essential for the sustainability of our activities. We will constantly and continuously remind our colleagues, stakeholders and customers that it is our indispensable target to be reliable and that it is necessary to comply with our superior business ethics and honest working principles.

Our company will maintain its dynamism with its current visionary, entrepreneurial spirit, and is on the verge of a significant rise phase. We will strive to create a union of reason and benefit, together with our employees, our customers and other business partners, primarily our country.

I present to you all my respect, greetings and love.

Chairman of the Board