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Within the scope of architectural projects; By working with Architectural Studios, Construction Companies, MEP and Project Design Companies, we redesign the AV scope of the projects from the beginning.

We understand their needs by handling each project from the beginning, and we are designing sustainable AV systems.

Project Management





What We Do?

As the leading Group of Professional AVL Market in Turkey, we are producing innovative solutions for all our customers and solution partners since our establishment.

While addressing every segment of the market with our different teams and individual companies, we work both on retail sales and project sales by keeping close track of global technologies.

Our offices are spread to four locations in Turkey and two international locations as Astana and Doha.

We conduct marketing, sales, after sales service, repair, strategy development and vertical market analysis for exceptional results.

We have a dedicated project engineering team that concentrates on sustainable, innovative and customized AVL Projects, working closely with architects, subcontanctors, contractor, PMC companies and MEP companies.

Our expert integration teams ensure efficient and turn-key integration by providing coordination with our solution partners in all types of projects we work on.