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Quality is the best investment over time.

Teclumen started in 1978 as a company specialising in the assembly of theatre lighting. With the passing of time and experience gained in the lighting sector the company was encouraged to create its own trademark and to offer a line of theatre products made in Italy and branded Teclumen.

In 2003 the new head office and production plant was opened, concentrating into a single building the facilities for design, assembly, sales and after sales service.

Today the company’s production can satisfy the demands of various sectors such as: lighting for theatres, architecture, gardens, stages and shows, indoors, swimming pools and fountains.

In order to guarantee high quality, Teclumen carries out the main production stages in-house using the best in 3D design technology.

Rapid flexible production is possible thanks to the highly technological machines (laser cutting) used.

As regards the choice of components, Teclumen counts on reliable partners that are internationally acclaimed leaders; the final assembly, entirely in-house, makes it possible to achieve high quality. Teclumen has a well-organised, functional and well-stocked warehouse of products. These aspects facilitate prompt delivery all over the world.

Architectural & Industrial Light
Pool & Fountain Light
Stage & Studio Light