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50 years of light to serve the most famous Theatres, Museums and Fashion brands worldwide

Over 50 years of design and production to give light to the most famous Theatres and Museums worldwide

Network distribution
Solid and widespread distribution network to reach more than 100 countries worldwide

The widest range of off-the-shelf products

Customize your desire to satisfy your request: this is why we are the difference

High quality standards
Strict and focused quality controls before entering the market

A dedicated team of experts working every day to design and deliver cutting-edge solutions

A sound warehouse of spare parts and products to guarantee a fast service

Customer service and technical support
Specialized labs and staff for assistance and technical support, remote and on-site, with a reaction time shorter than 24 hours

We got respect and accountability of leading international brands so as to become exclusive distributor on our local market

Being a medium-size company let us to deal with peaks of prodution, ensuring high quality standards and effective delivery-time

Availability and hospitality
A wide and open showroom available for testing and demos

In-site labs
In-house labs for electrical safety, durability and thermal testing along with photometric measurements to check and prototype our products

Movement Control
Lamb & Accessories