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Lighting a TV show, lighting an outside broadcast, lighting a sportscast, lighting a movie set, lighting The Pentagon, lighting The White House, lighting the International Space Station.

These lighting scenarios have one thing in common; they are all lit by Litepanels.

Litepanels® is the pioneering force that introduced LED panel lighting to the television and motion picture industries. Starting with the original 1×1 LED panel, it built on the phenomenal success of that light to develop ever-more innovative lighting solutions including on-camera lights, Fresnels and multi-color special effects lighting to become the first name that gaffers, DPs and cinematographers think of when it comes to LED lights. The only authorized distributor in Turkey since 2014 Litepanel Year ASF Ses Işık ve Görüntü Sistemleri A.Ş.

Gemini 1×1
Gemini 2×1
Sola Series
Inca Series
Astra 1×1 Family
Studio Type Panel Led Lamps
Studio Type Led Spots
On-Camera Led Lights