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…because we work with PASSION since more than 30 years

to provide EXCELLENCE in LIGHTING SYSTEMS and YOU are at the centre of our ATTENTION

De Sisti is a world Leader in the sector of Professional Lighting Systems since 1982. Innovation, technological research, high performances, attention to details and highest international standards of safety are the most significant company features.

The De Sisti Lighting Systems are used in the fields of entertainment, broadcasting and architectural lighting.

All products are designed, manufactured and tested at De Sisti’s Factories, where several teams of professional and experienced specialists work hard to achieve brilliant results with excellence and quality. Total Quality Control is the primary goal of the factories. With a well-organized worldwide network of distributors and dealers, the company supports the proper implementation of its products/systems in all of the installations at the different fields of application.

As time goes by, De Sisti invests in its products and systems upgrade and development, to best benefit of the Technologies advances.
For instance the Brand is currently leading important innovations in SSL Lighting (LED), with International Patents and Optimized Optical Systems.
This combination of quality products with high efficiency optics, offers great advantages to the users.

Led Lights

Led Fresnel Series
Soft Led Series
Soft Led XL Series

Tungsten Quartz Halogen

Halogen Fresnel Lights
Halogen Softlight Lights
Halogen Broadlight Lights
Halogen Cyclorama Lights

Fluorecents Lights

Fluorecents De Lux
Fluorecents De Lux CYC


Daylight Fresnel
Daylight PARs
Daylight Broadlight

DMX Distribution & Control System

Control Panels

Accessories & Mountain Parts

“D” Rail with Trolleys
Mini Spider
Spider Junior PO
Motorized Pole
Motorized Spider Junior
C Clamps
CT 70 Cycle Track

Motorized Rigging

Stage Hoist
Batten Hoist
Self Climbing Hoist
Mini Hoist
Lite Mini Hoist
DL50 Pont Hoist
CH250 Point Hoist
Church Hoist
Spider Hoist
Telescope Hoist
Spot Line Hoist