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Arthur Holm

Inspiring and flexible communication technology

Arthur Holm is shaping the boardroom of the future. We offer an inspiring product range providing superior materials with an innovative design, flexibility and customisation. We create solutions to enhance communication, decision making and collaboration in reception areas and conference and meeting spaces.

Arthur Holm products display the best image quality and their unique designs have unmatched functionalities. More than 40 years of craftsmanship and a continuous product investigation, development and innovation are our business foundations. Numbers speak for themselves! We currently own 27 product patents, operate in over 45 countries worldwide and our products and solutions have been chosen for more than 20,000 installations.

Arthur Holm is the result of combining the Scandinavian design tradition with the Mediterranean creativity, passion and flexibility.

The brand has its origins in the Danish furniture designer Jorgen Alex Jensen, who was active in the sixties and seventies. His inspiration in design and ergonomics has been continued by his family, the design force behind the product range of Arthur Holm.

Motorised monitors to integrate in furniture

Dynamic 3

Dynamic3 monitors are the only models currently available on the market to feature such an extensive working mode options. Their convenient design allows an integration in desks with a reduced thickness and offers a discreet and timeless look.


Opens and folds down. R models rotate 180°


Includes an independent lift for “gooseneck” type microphones


Exclusive monitor with adjustable tilt and rotation mode

Dynamic 2

Dynamic2 are retractable monitors with a vertical movement and a 20° automatic tilt to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle.


DynamicShare and HDMI cable integrated in DB2 retractable monitors


The range that creates minimum impact on the furniture design


Slightly curved edges for a modern look


Retractable monitor including an independent lift for gooseneck microphones


Vertical motorised movement with an automatic 20° tilt and a timeless and classic design

DynamicX2 UnderCover

Retractable monitor disappearing magically inside the table by the simple touch of a button


Retractable monitor with automated lift system for keyboard and mouse

Dynamic 1

Retractable monitors with one single movement and built in solid aluminium with anodised finish.


Horizontal motorised movement with adjustable tilt between 0 and 70°


Retractable monitors witch double screen


Retractable digital labelling solution with a single or double sided screen


Retractable motorised monitor for integration in armrests. The monitor is only visible when it is in use and it is safely stored in the chair armrest when not required.


Retractable motorised monitor to be integrated in armrests


Adjustable reception monitor with quick motorised adjustment.


Manual monitor with an additional motorised adjustment for a perfect fit

Manual monitors to integrate in furniture


AH3 is a Full HD manually inclinable low profile monitor to be integrated in the desk surface. AH3 is always visible and the tilt can be adjusted manually up to 25°.


AH2 are manually foldable monitors made of solid aluminium with a natural anodised finish and a black edged anti-reflection glass. Ready for a quick installation in tables.


Gooseneck are table monitors built in milled aluminium with a stylish protective glass panel and a stainless steel support.


Adjustable reception monitor with quick motorised adjustment.

Table top monitors


AH1 are manually foldable aluminium monitors with anti-glare protection glass housed in a black frame and cast iron base. They offer an easily adjustable tilt and they can work interactively. Manually foldable monitor with adjustable 0 to 70º tilt. No need to modify the desk surface

Wall Mountable Monitors


Rise monitors are small screens for direct wall mounting. They are made of stainless steel, aluminium or with a glass frame to integrate an internal bracket.


Drop monitors have been designed for an easy in wall integration with a mounting box and a clip-on monitor system for a trouble-free installation.

Retractable microphones

Dynamic Talk

DynamicTalk not only conceals conveniently the microphone within the desk surface, but also provides a pleasant interior light to indicate its status and the participant’s availability to speak.


Universal motorised lift system for “gooseneck” microphones

DynamicTalk UnderCover

Motorised lift system for gooseneck microphones with veneered cover


DynamicTalkH is a horizontal lift for gooseneck microphones. The system has been specially developed to optimise the space under the table.