Apollo, Artemis, audio consoles such as Summa and Brio, IP-based radio system, such as Type R, P1, Hydra2 and aoıp through product Calrec the trust of the world’s most successful publishers, Turkey is the only authorized distributor of the Asimetrik Audio Lighting and Video Systems Inc. It was.

Calrec is a leading audio broadcast mixing equipment designer and provider. Founded in 1964 as a microphone manufacturer, Calrec’s reputation for production quality, reliability and sound performance has become a worldwide industry performance indicator. Calrec products are used almost everywhere in the world with broadcast audio, outdoor broadcast and remote production solutions.

Today, broadcasters demand even more versatility and integration from their audio equipment. TV companies want their systems to be able to program more and more efficiently and with exactly the technical features they want. In order for sound systems to achieve this, more attention needs to be paid to networks as a whole and how efficiently they are controlled. Calrec knows modern broadcast facilities well and works with publishers to stay ahead of the changing needs of broadcast environments.

Calrec is the epicenter of changing broadcast environments thanks to broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio network solutions series, AoIP and IP infrastructures and integration efforts with third parties. All Calrec products are designed, manufactured and tested at Calrec’s Nutdough Mill headquarters in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK.

Every element of the product development process, from product development to R&D, to production and test departments, is carried out within the facility. This ensures the integrity of the whole process and guarantees a unique quality standard in the broadcast console market.