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Stage Lighting Systems

Automation systems that are integrated with professional lighting and lighting systems and current technology work with the world’s leading brands for stage lighting systems of conference, congress and symposium halls. A perfect installation will be carried out by engineers adjusting the stage lighting, sound and light systems from start to finish.

Professional Light Systems

The light systems used for laser, light robots and stage spots can be integrated with sky scanners to create a visual show. Stage lighting systems, which have separate usage possibilities for concerts, theaters and scenes where presentations will be made, are controlled via digital display and provide a wide usage opportunity.

The system being used is also among the graded systems, allowing it to be adjusted quickly in the tone of the light as well as the opening and closing features by controlling quickly. The system is created by working with engineers for light control and spot mechanisms for the installation of professional light systems.

Stage Lighting and Lighting Systems

As wide lighting systems, stage lights need a mechanical installation that will allow multiple lights to flash simultaneously. This system, especially provided by light robots, creates a visual integrity by working with sky scanning systems. In these areas where stage and audience lighting are used, a professional study may be needed for proofing lights, spots and light color separations.

All light systems used for stage lighting systems can be integrated with a wide range of applications by managing them over a single channel, or they can be used together with automation systems.

Conference Hall Lighting Systems

Conference hall lighting systems are one of the places where light should have a natural appearance without bursting. In particular, the compatibility of light with the field of use is largely the same as the installation of the system. For this reason, while performing works for conference hall stage lighting systems with sound and light engineers, a professional installation will be made according to the dimensions of the stage and the audience seats. Hall lights are installed by conducting an extensive study on the areas of light not being eye-catching, spreading and toning areas.

Congress Center Lighting Systems

Congress center lighting systems can be included in the same usage areas as stage lighting. However, a professional installation should be made according to the projection devices used in the congresses and the restriction of the light contact. At this stage, the functional properties of the light, distribution and toning values ​​will be controlled and a professional lighting system will be created, and sound and light engineers will have the perfect lighting equipment.

Amphitheater Lighting Systems

Amphitheater scenes and display areas, where light is used in many ways, require that many types of light be used in the same area. What is important at this stage is the decoration of the décor and the curtain on the stage as well as the hall conditions, so as not to disturb the audience. Specific to the areas where spotlight is widely used, the installation of the control panels of the light, the usage areas of the spotlight and the robot light will be adjusted and the stage will be illuminated perfectly.

Stage Lighting Equipment

A perfect installation will be made within the scope of this service, where all necessary stage lighting systems equipment including concert, congress, conference and amphitheater halls will be provided. It will be integrated with stage lighting equipment, light control panel, spot light, light robot, laser use, sky scanner and automation systems, and will provide a perfect lighting area. The equipment needed for a professional light and lighting system has the potential to work integrated with the whole system.