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Professional Sound Systems

It covers many services ranging from professional sound systems, headphone, DJ controller and speaker setup, leaving the digital effect of music and sound in the background and adding liveliness to open and closed areas. Sound systems that can work integrated with automation systems during the installation phase will be installed after calculating acoustic, rust and treble properties in open and closed areas.

Professional Sound Engineering

Professional sound systems, which include many technical supports from studio sound systems to cinema sound systems, can be integrated into simultaneous interpreting, congress and conference systems and become a magical communication source. At this stage, where all the mechanical organizers needed in terms of microphone, speaker and sound technician are included, all acoustic and timbre hall features are also calculated.

It contributes to the creation of a perfect sound interaction by installing with the equipment that sound engineers work according to the characteristics of the indoor and outdoor spaces. By using special sound systems for the halls and open spaces, which are predominantly for presentations, concerts and symposiums, sound input and output positions are made and field domination is established.

Indoor Sound Systems

The installation of professional sound systems, determination of the sound output and input areas, as well as the adjustment of the sound volume will be carried out by testing on the acoustic properties and stage arrangements of the conference, congress and symposium halls. Importance is given to the conditions of the indoor space and the compatibility of the mechanical organizers to eliminate the roughness during the interaction of the sound with the microphone, headphones and speakers.

In order to establish a professional sound system, it is necessary to analyze the technical characteristics, the use of equipment and the area of ​​use of the mechanism. At this stage, works will be carried out with the professional sound engineers on the interior acoustic features and studio features of the hall, and a perfect system will be established for the indoor area.

Outdoor Sound Systems

Professional sound systems that will make you feel the timbre of music are interconnected systems that can be installed for outdoor concerts and organizations. The harmony and quality of microphone, speaker and sound control mechanisms are important at this stage. Sound cards, sound potentials, headphones and reference monitors should be created from systems that can be adjusted well from the beginning and compatible with outdoor conditions, as sound organizers.

In this field, sound engineers will be able to create a perfect sound system by making a professional study for use according to brand and ambient conditions. A professional outdoor sound production will be created using the world’s leading audio systems brands.

Simultaneous Translation Audio Systems

Simultaneous audio systems are the systems used in multi-language translations especially in closed areas. Since these systems are based on simultaneous translation systems, they are very important in terms of speed, and also have usage features that sound organizers should be chosen from good brands. Professional sound systems are among the systems where a versatile installation is made, from the translator’s cabin to the headsets of the users.

Wireless Sound Systems

Due to the ease of digital use, wireless audio systems will be preferred in versatile areas of use and will provide a professional use. Wireless systems that can be used with public address systems are among the systems that can be preferred especially in the field of simultaneous translation and conference.

Professional Audio Systems Features

Professional sound systems can also have a digital setup feature that can work integrated with automation systems according to their usage areas. At the same time, a perfect sound field is created by working with the world’s leading audio system brands, dj controllers, microphones, headphones and control systems. It has features to be an easy colleague with computer-based use and digital features.