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Live Broadcast Infrastructure

The live broadcast infrastructure, which is being established with the world’s leading brands for video and audio systems, aims to create a great infrastructure, accelerate and provide instant images from start to finish. At this stage, simultaneous video and audio systems will be installed, which will be used in many areas from conference rooms to studio use areas.

Live Broadcast Video Systems

First of all, the measurements of the usage area are made in order to provide all the digital infrastructure included in the live broadcast systems. These measurements allow simultaneous use of the screens to be provided with the image, the interaction area of ​​the image and the sound system.

By working with the leading brands of the world, digital display setup and image interaction panels will be created, and simultaneous live broadcasting will be allowed, as well as the audio system will be integrated with the image. The installation mechanics needed for the live broadcast infrastructure can be installed in a short time.

Live Broadcast Sound Systems

Another system mechanics used for the live broadcast infrastructure is the audio input and output mechanisms. In this field, using the headphones, microphones and audio providers selected from the leading brands, sound is transferred simultaneously with the image. By cooperating with an automation system in which all audio and video systems, ideal for media and radio organizations, will be installed, all equipment required in the field of live broadcasting can be obtained.

It is aimed to ensure a successful broadcast stream by installing with the help of sound engineers for a professional live broadcasting sound system and integrating the systems used by leading brands into the live broadcasting studio. For the audio and video systems, all the fast setups used in the digital field will be provided.

Live Broadcast Systems

Live broadcasting systems can be implemented by creating the audio and video infrastructure used in the internet, TV and radio fields. From start to finish, these systems should be adjusted according to the usage area and sound and video providers should be installed in order to work in harmony with each other. At this stage, audio and video equipment is included in the usage area for the live broadcast infrastructure needed by a large studio organization. The features of the renewed technology, from its installation to usage features, are also reported to the user.

The systems, which differ according to the usage in the media and radio fields, will be installed and started to be used by the image and sound engineers, and will work flawlessly after the test.

Digital Display Systems

LED screen display systems, which are among the systems put forward by digital engineering, enable the uninterrupted transfer of images during live broadcasting. In order to operate the system simultaneously in multi-screen installations, a professional installation must be made. Digital systems, which are indispensable for the live broadcast infrastructure, will work integrated with the LED screen and audio providers. All digital systems needed for a professional live broadcast system installation will be adjusted from the beginning.

Studio Equipment

Studio equipment is among the main management areas of the broadcast stream that takes place against the background of the live broadcast. All infrastructure systems to be provided in this field need a great deal of equipment including controllers, studio monitors and recording devices.

Sound card, midi keyboard, studio mixer and monitor will be installed and all necessary hardware will be provided during live broadcasting.

Live Broadcast Infrastructure Installation

Many of the live broadcast studio equipment, including video, audio and management panels, are provided to allow a seamless flow. In this field, installation will be made with professional technicians along with video and sound engineers, and all equipment needed by a healthy and fast live broadcast stream will be provided.