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Congress Simultaneous Translation Systems

The first steps of a professional translation equipment go through a good sound system and acoustic hall. The congress simultaneous translation systems have a large enough capacity in the world’s most used and simultaneous translation systems network, with a wide capacity in terms of vol, acoustics and speed, making the audience feel as if they are communicating one-to-one.

Advanced Audio Technology

Simultaneous translation is realized by translating the listener’s language through headphones, as a simultaneous translation type. Under this system, a good headset and, of course, an interpreter booth are required. At this stage, the sound should come out of a good profile and be delivered to the audience. In the field of congress simultaneous interpretation systems, using the Sennheisser, Extron and Qsc brands, which have the best sound capacity in the world, the microphone and listener headset systems of the translator’s cabin can be operated simultaneously and without any problems. At this stage, all the necessary acoustic system, sound isolation and state-of-the-art translation systems can be prepared for a smooth congress environment.

Sound Engineering

Congress Simultaneous translation systems contain many factors from the interior architecture of the hall to the interpreter booth and the headphone capacity of the audience. At this stage, a perfect simultaneous translation environment will be created by adjusting and testing the entire congress sound system within the framework of expert sound engineers. Specialized sound engineers will ensure that all necessary operations on developing sound systems, acoustic field project as well as sound insulation are carried out, and an entire sound system will be installed perfectly.

You can have a large capacity simultaneous organization with the creation of a versatile translation booth in the congress area, led display systems as well as sound technician equipment.

Wireless Sound Systems

With wireless audio technology, simultaneous translation of many languages ​​can be reflected to the audience simultaneously in multilingual congress environments. Within the scope of expanded audio technology and engineering, a flawless simultaneous audio system is created where the audience can participate instantly. These systems, which are adjusted according to the capacity of the congress hall, will open the doors of a private simultaneous system with the listener with the possibility of wireless use.

Conference and Congress Systems

The sound systems, which are being developed from the beginning to the end of the congress systems, are presented in the integrity of the light, décor and sound with the features of conference presentation. A flawless congress environment is prepared with wireless sound systems, translator cabin with sound isolation and headphone network systems adjusted according to listener capacity. By applying all necessary processes for professional audio systems and simultaneous translation systems, a flawless voice communication environment will be set.