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Automation Systems

Automation systems, designed for the perfect progress of the organization in collective events with mechanical features, use advanced technology to instantly interact with sound, image and light via computer. It can take advantage of the speed and organization capability of automation in all areas, including curtains, projection and production services.

Automation System Features

This mechanical design, where you can perform many operations, including large conference rooms, classrooms, and even meeting rooms, with just one computer, is among the most advanced inventions of the century. By providing remote management and interaction, it provides control of light, sound and curtain systems, and it can do this simultaneously on a single computer.

Energy Saving Systems

Automation systems, which have a computer-based operating system, have a digital feature that can carry out all operations with a single command as a large-scale organizer in long-term meetings, large-capacity halls. These systems, which are very economical in terms of time and cost, will be an advantageous choice in the latest stages of technology.

Congress Center System

Time and mechanism setbacks can occur in manual operating systems. The main reason for this arises from the fact that all systems are handled separately from each other. However, with the developing technology, automation systems can be designed as a congress center system so that curtain, lighting, sound and heat mechanisms can be adjusted via a digital command.

At this stage, the gains ensure both energy savings and the elimination of timing problems. Automation management, which will be placed in a congress hall’s central system, has the capacity to fulfill its task by receiving commands via Ipad computer in a short time.

Conference Hall Automation Systems

Automation systems designed for easy use in meeting, congress, symposium and conference areas, all technical features are set up by sound, light and mechanical engineers during the installation phase, creating a perfect usage area. As a smart system, it has the effect of creating a magical atmosphere by performing sound adjustments, light and curtain projection at the same time. According to the capacity of the conference hall, hall and acoustic properties, a perfect system can be established from start to finish.

Computer Based Digital Setup

Automation systems that have the capacity to be controlled via ipad and android systems can provide a central control only through a computer.

The automation integration, which is used for ventilation and heating mechanisms, can now work in conjunction with light, sound and projection systems over the same channels, and with this established algorithm feature, it reveals a smart operation with little workforce in meetings such as meetings, conferences and congresses. In multi-language integration, you can control many systems from timbre of music to tone of light only through a computer-based operating system in fair and opening areas.

Smart Sound and Lighting Systems

Intelligent sound and lighting systems can be used in a multipurpose way with automation setup. This versatility offers an ideal use advantage for the workforce and energy savings by working with the system’s sound and lighting systems.

Intelligent systems will aim to ensure successful integration over video and sound systems by considering the hall’s features by sound and light engineers. These systems, which serve a purpose as well as aesthetics, provide an easy use channel as they have mechanical, electronic and computer-based efficiency. As a digital system from start to finish for professional salon management, you can use the automation infrastructure economically.