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Architectural Lighting

WallWasher, the wall surface of the bottom or light type illuminating the ceiling, respectively. It can be a wall washer-type luminaire and can be used for photographs, bookshelves, sculptures, etc. on the wall. there are items that require urge owners to be of flour used.

Thanks to the modern architecture, the wall washer is now very common in family and living rooms . It is the choice of institutions or individuals who want to draw their eyes fully. Because wall wash lighting is more exciting and looks more professional if the surface is designed as a plaster or textured surface.

Modern Exterior Lighting for Historical Buildings

Architectural lighting creates fascinating effects from the décor of the buildings. Lighting can be both a need and a means of decoration . While architectural lighting models have evolved over time, interesting light designs are made today without damaging the texture of historical buildings. With the historical building lighting, the buildings take on a fascinating atmosphere at night.

Effect of Lighting on Architectural Decorations

Wallwasher lighting technology is mostly used in architectural structures. Architecture is completed with the wallwasher used in the decoration of architectural buildings . Lighting is both a need and a part of unique architectural decorations.

What is Wallwasher ; In contemporary architecture, the exterior of the building is illuminated in a wide range of different colors. Lighting is the products that attract people’s attention and are preferred in designs. Wallwasher is used on the exteriors of the buildings. The image designs of the buildings gain importance with the Wallwasher LED . With the led wallwasher used on the exteriors , the mode architectures take on a magnificent atmosphere.

Fascinating Effect of Indoor Lighting

Wallwasher is a lighting technique also used in interior design. With the lighting used in interior designs, the room is gained a more pleasant appearance. With lighting techniques that are good for eye health and nervous system health, you can also ensure that the work you do in your interiors is more efficient. It is possible for a simple room to take on a completely different atmosphere with indoor lighting.

Lighting that Notice the Colors

  • Lighting wall painting with colors in interior design come to the fore a run.
  • Spending time indoors where colors are faint can be much more efficient with lighting technique.
  • Proper lighting only inside that give the image of the places with nik of a run.
  • With the illumination where colors are brought to the fore, buildings turn into a work of art .